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Seychelles President Meets with Li Zhaoxing, Extending Gratitude for China's Relief Fund for the Tsunami Disaster


On January 10, 2004, Seychelles President James Michel met with visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing in the capital of Victoria, highly commenting Seychelles –China cooperation and complimenting China's contributions to promoting the development of Seychelles.

Michel said that after Seychelles was hit by the tsunami in the India Ocean, Chinese President Hu Jintao sent a message of condolence and the Chinese government quickly offered relief fund and decided to increase assistance and preferential loans, which well demonstrates the good will of the Chinese people toward the Seychelles people. Over years, China has provided Seychelles with multiple assistances, to which the Seychelles people remain grateful. In the Indian Ocean Regional Sport Games, the athletes of Seychelles won the championship of badminton and swim, which is attributed to the swimming pool constructed with the assistance of China and the excellent referees trained by China. It is with the generous help of a good friend like China that Seychelles can grow to what it is today.

Li extended condolence over the tsunami disaster suffered by Seychelles and expressed confidence that the Seychelles government and people will surely defeat the disaster and rebuild their homes, adding that he has entrusted Chinese Ambassador Chen Meifen to Seychelles to visit the family of the only deceased fisherman in the tsunami with relief fund and gifts, to which Michel expressed gratitude.

Li positively commented China-Seychelles relations and thanked Seychelles for its valuable support for China on the issue of Taiwan, human rights, bidding for the hosting of the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 World Expo and other issues. Michel reiterated that Seychelles adheres to the one-China policy, supports China in realizing its peaceful reunification through the arrangement of "one country, two systems" and will, as always, maintain close cooperation with China in international and regional affairs.

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