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Being Sympathetic with Neighbors and Showing Boundless Love
The Staffs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Earnestly Donate Money to Countries Hit by the Earthquake and Tsunami in the Indian Ocean


Tsunami is cruel, but the world is full of love. Shocked by the tremendous human casualties and property losses caused by the earthquake and tsunami to the countries around the Indian Ocean, the large number of staffs in the ministry volunteered to donate money for those countries. By the morning of January 6, the donation from the departments, the agencies directly under the ministry, 199 Chinese embassies and consulates and some of the Chinese ventures in foreign countries totaled about RMB 5,340,000, among which the cash check worth RMB 710,000 has been delivered to China Charity Federation, the donation of nearly RMB 2,000,000 by Chinese embassies and consulates has been delivered to the related departments of the victimized countries and the rest will be transferred to the disaster-affected areas by China Charity Federation in the earliest possible time.

During the course of donation, not only the full-time staffs are earnest to donate money, but also the retired cadres take the risk of getting sick in the cold wind and heavy snow to come to the donation center. They said it is the virtuous tradition of the Chinese people that when difficulties arise in one place, help comes from everywhere. One retired ambassador donated the salary for January he just received. 93-year-old Zhou Qiuye, who once served as the Chinese Ambassador to Australia, Yugoslavia and other countries, is suffering from many diseases, but he donated RMB 2,500 even during the hospitalization. The Indonesian Chinese, 88-year-old retired Chen Lishui is ill and resting at home. Having heard the news that the birthplace was hit by catastrophic disaster, Chen asked the family to come to the donation center to donate money. In this period, the staffs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and related embassies have been working diligently to rescue and help the victimized Chinese citizens and assisting the people of the disaster-hit countries in the epidemic prevention and reconstruction of their homes.

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