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Wen Jiabao Meets with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Special Envoy of India Singe


On January 6,2005, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council met with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and the Special Envoy of India and External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh respectively In Jakarta.

In the meeting with Annan, Wen said the international community has extended the hand of assistance and carried out the largest humanitarian emergency assistance in the history after the earthquake and tsunami took place in the Indian Ocean. This indicates that the conscience of mankind can endow us with courage and wisdom to face the common threats and challenges. Under the leadership of Secretary General Kofi Annan, UN responds actively and timely to the devastating disaster, which the Chinese government pays high tribute to. He said that the key factor of the rescue is to ensure the efficient, coordinated and orderly operation of the emergency assistance provided by the international community. Meanwhile we should also consider and plan the reconstruction efforts and try to restore the normal production and living order of the people in the disaster-stricken areas as soon as possible. In the mid- and long-team, we should accelerate the creation of the disaster monitoring system and early warning system. The Chinese government supports the leading and coordinating role the UN plays in the above-mentioned activities and is willing to strengthen the cooperation with the organization in this respect.

Annan said that the global response to the disaster is unprecedented. The role of UN is to coordinate the assistance from all aspects so as to use it in the best way. He paid high tribute to the outstanding contribution China made and thanked China for announcing to increase an additional assistance of US$ 20,000,000 under the multilateral framework. Annan was in agreement with the view expressed by Wen Jiabao and said that the international community will consider the short-term humanitarian assistance, mid- and long-term reconstruction and the creation of the early warning system in an integrated manner.

While meeting with Singh, Premier Wen said the earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean caused tremendous human casualties and property losses, which the Chinese government and people are deeply sympathetic with. Facing the disaster, the Indian government and people showed strong self-rescuing ability and great confidence to win, which the Chinese government and people really admire. As a friendly neighbor, China is willing to offer material and financial assistance if India has such needs. The Chinese side is willing to carry out cooperation with India in the areas of disaster relief, post-disaster reconstruction and disaster prevention. We firmly believe that the industrious and brave Indian people can surely overcome the tsunami disaster and rebuild their homes.

Singh conveyed the appreciation of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to the Chinese government and people. He said that the sympathy and support of China is precious to India and India expects to strengthen the cooperation with China in every field.

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