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Tang Jiaxuan Visits the Embassy of Thailand in China to Express Condolence to the Victims in the Earthquake and Tsunami


On the afternoon of January 6, 2005, State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan paid a visit to the Embassy of Thailand in China, which had just started to hold condolent activities for the victims of the earthquake and the tsunami. He, on behalf of the Chinese government and people, expressed deep condolence to the Thai victims in the earthquake and the tsunami as well as profound sympathy to Thailand for its tremendous life and property losses during the disaster.

Tang Jiaxuan said sharing the same feelings with the disaster-hit neighbors, the Chinese government and people had taken rapid actions in the first time after the outbreak the disaster and tried their best to provide emergency funds and material assistance to disaster-hit countries including Thailand and to send medics teams to disaster areas for relief efforts. We will continue to provide support in medical treatment and disease prevention based on the specific needs of disaster-hit countries. China will also be actively involved in the post-disaster reconstruction. Tang Jiaxuan thanked the Thai government for their timely rescue and help for trapped Chinese tourists and hoped to see closer coordination between relevant departments in the two countries so as to continue to do a good job in helping and rescuing Chinese citizens in Thailand.

Thai Ambassador to China Jullapong Nonsrichai thanked China for its quick, effective and selfless assistance and highly appreciated the Chinese leaders, government and people for sharing the pains of the people in the disaster-hit countries. The Thai government and people will attach more value and attention to developing comprehensive cooperative relations with China.

Beijing's Vice Mayor Zhang Mao, Chairman of the Chinese Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries Chen Haosu and Assistant Foreign Minister Shen Guofang took part in the condolent activities.

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