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The Newly-Added Assistance of the Chinese Government to Tsunami-Hit Countries Will Be Implemented As of January 2, 2005


On January 1, Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing organized an inter-ministry coordination conference on the tsunami relief efforts around the Indian Ocean. According to the conference, the first batch of materials and foreign reserves in cash donated by the Chinese government to disaster-hit countries have all arrived in relevant countries and have been allocated to the people in disaster areas. The newly-added donation of 500 million RMB yuan will be implemented in a coordinated and orderly manner based on the needs of the disaster-hit countries. Ministry of Commerce will be responsible for the dispatch and allocation of assistance materials and Ministry of Civil Affairs will be responsible for the timely delivery of donated money by civil organizations and individuals to Red Cross Society of disaster-hit countries. The conference decided to carry out the second batch of assistance from January 2. Another medical team established by Ministry of Health and the experts sent by other departments have prepared themselves during the holiday of the New Year's Day and are ready for departure.

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