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Chinese DNA Identification Expert Group and Medical Assistance Group Arrive in Thailand


The 5-member DNA Identification Expert Group and the 15-member Medical Assistance Group dispatched by the Chinese government arrived at Bangkok on the morning of December 31 from Beijing and Shanghai respectively.

Ambassador Zhang Jiuhuan, Counselor Xuan Guoxing, Counselor Wu Jun and other officials received the groups at the airport. Ambassador Zhang extended warm welcome to the members of the groups, complimenting their fearless courage of undertaking heavy tasks and international humanitarian spirit of healing the wounded and rescuing the dying and expressing confidence that they will surely accomplish their glorious yet arduous tasks, help local people recover from the disasters and make active contributions to enhancing China-Thailand friendship. Deng Yajun, head of the DNA Identification Group and Pan Qichao, head of the Medical Group said that they would never let down the great trust of the motherland and people, adding that they will overcome all difficulties and dedicate wholeheartedly to their work.

The two groups left for the disaster-striken Phuket Island by aircrafts of the Thai Airways at 7:00am and 9:00am on the same morning respectively, kicking off the medical rescue and identification tasks.

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