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Statement by Ambassador Wang Guangya on Security Council reform at the 59th Session of the General Assembly
(11 July 2005)


(Archive Photo)

Mr. President,

The United Nations plays an indispensable role in international affairs. China has always supported the further strengthening of the UN through reform and is willing to join others in actively cooperating with the President of the General Assembly and the facilitators to strive for positive results of the overall reform of the UN and to ensure the success of the September Summit.

Mr. President,

China supports the necessary and rational reform of the Security Council with a view to enhancing its capability to respond to global threats and challenges. This position of ours has been explicit and consistent. We believe that:

First of all, the reform of the Security Council should be multi-faceted, which includes both the enlargement of the membership and the improvement of working methods. At the same time, the Security Council's authority and efficiency must also be ensured.

Secondly, the enlargement of the Security Council must give priority to increasing the representation and voice of the developing countries. The developing countries constitute over 2/3 of the whole membership of the UN, but they are seriously under-represented on the Security Council. China firmly supports the increase of the representation of African countries on the Security Council. This position is unswerving.

Thirdly, any enlargement formula must ensure that small and medium-sized countries have more opportunities to serve as members of the Security Council and participate in its decision-making.

Fourthly, the enlargement of the Security Council must uphold the principle of geographical balance and reflect the representation of different cultures and civilizations. Reform formulas concerning various regions should first achieve consensus within relevant regional groups.

Mr. President,

It has been the consistent view of China that the reform of the Security Council should be realized through a gradual process of democratic discussion aimed at achieving consensus. As enshrined in the UN Charter, the entire membership of the United Nations solemnly confers on the Security Council primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security and authorizes the Security Council to act on its behalf in carrying out its duties under this responsibility. The reform of the Security Council is extremely sensitive and complicated because it is not only crucial to international peace and security, but also to the immediate interest of all member states of the UN. Therefore, a decision on the reform of the Security Council should be made by all members of the UN and be founded on the will of the vast majority of the membership. It shouldn't just take care of the concerns of a few states or a part of the membership. Only decisions achie