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Falun Gong's anti-humanity, anti-science, anti-society nature denounced


BEIJING, July 8 (Xinhuanet) -- The People's Daily, the leading newspaper of

China, outlined the anti-humanity, anti-science and anti-society nature of the

Falun Gong cult in a commentary to be issued Tuesday.

The commentary, titled "New crimes of Falun Gong

cult," says overseas Falun Gong organizations, in defiance of universal

condemnation, hijacked Sinosat, committing another serious crime, a breach of

international law and public morality.

The commentary says mankind has entered an era of information, in which the

smooth and safe transmission of information ensures the normal operation and

development of society.

The international community has adopted relevant conventions and a set of

complete regulations and rules, which the international community generally

recognizes and abides by. This is an example of human intelligence, a symbol of

social progress and civilization and a reliable guarantee for economic

developmentand social stability.

The overseas organization of the Falun Gong cult attacked the Sinosat,

interrupted normal television program signals and compromised the safety of

public information, infringing upon public interests.

This was a flagrant challenge to international order, social morality and

civilization, the commentary says, noting such an illegal act is sure to be

denounced by the international community.

Disregarding rules senselessly, being hostile to humanity and doing as they

want are the common characteristics of all cult organizations in the world, the

commentary says.

Sinosat is used to transmit radio and television signals to China's

rural and remote mountainous regions where people formerlyhad no access to such


Falun Gong has always disturbed and destroyed things which the general

public enjoy and from which the general public benefits, the commentary points


The commentary calls the attack on Sinosat by the overseas organization of

Falun Gong a high crime of the cult led by Li Hongzhi.

It says the attack has once again proved that the cult organization is a

common enemy of mankind.

The commentary calls on people to be fully aware of the true nature and

harm of Falun Gong and to be on guard at all times because the nature of Falun

Gong as a cult means it will continue causing trouble and destruction.

However, history shows it is doomed to failure and infamy.

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