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59 Foreigners at Tiananmen Square on February 14 Violated China's Laws


A group of 59 foreigners gathered at Tiananmen Square in Beijing on the afternoon of February 14, 2002 to preach Falun Gong fallacies and stir up trouble in violation of China's laws on precessions and demonstrations. The demonstrators were taken away from the site by the police on duty in accordance with law and later on were reprimanded by the department concerned for their misbehavior. On February 15, 53 of them with proved identities, were deported under the order of China's law enforcement agency. During the process, they received fair treatment. There are still 6 people who refused to identify themselves. They are yet to be determined.
Apparently what they did has nothing to do with religious belief but to challenge the laws of the land and disrupt festivities of the Chinese people for the Lunar New Year. In its representations with the related foreign embassies in Beijing, the Chinese side pointed out that the related foreign governments have the obligation to educate their citizens in the necessity to abide by the laws and regulations of the countries they visit and not to do otherwise.

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