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35 Foreign Nationals Demonstrating for Falun Gong at Tiannanmen Ordered to Leave China 21 November 2001


On the afternoon of November 20, Tuesday, 35 foreign nationals illegally staged a demonstration in Tian'anmen Square, proclaiming their adherence to Falun Gong.

According to local police sources, at about 14:00 Tuesday, the foreigners unfurled banners bearing Falun Gong slogans in the square and then held a sit-in, while practicing Falun Gong drills and shouting evil phrases of Falun Gong.

They were brought away by police from the square with no use of force. And relevant authorities issued them a warning saying that their behavior violated Chinese laws governing parades/demonstrations and evil cults respectively.

They were ordered to leave China within a time frame, which they did on Nov. 21. In the whole process, they have been well treated.

Believing that this was a deliberate and well-organized act by the Falun Gong cult and its supporters, relevant authorities in China are still looking deeper into this case.

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