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Statement by Ambassador Shen Guofang, Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN at the Third Committee of the 56th Session of the General Assembly on the Issue of Falun Gong (Item 119)


Mr. Chairman,

At today's meeting, the delegate from       has made a groundless accusation on China regarding the issue of "Falun Gong".  The Chinese Delegation expresses deep regret over this and firmly refuses to accept it.

Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese Government has stated on many occasions that Falun Gong is not a religion but a vicious cult.  It preaches extreme heretical theories about "the Doomsday of the world", creating a sense of terror.  And it has taken action to collects money in illegal ways and exercises mental control of the practitioners by preaching "worship for the founder of the religion" and "giving up the hold to life".  Falun Gong has also been selling that it is "omni-potent", people should not take medical treatment for their illness and students do not need to receive any education in order to know the mattes of the world.  In recent years, poisoned by Falun Gong, many practitioners have gone so far as to kill themselves, even burning themselves.  On 23 Jan. this year, five Falun Gong practitioners carried out an act of absolute absurdity and foolishness by burning themselves at the Tian'anmen Square in the hope of going to heaven.  One of them immediately died and four others were seriously burned, including a 19-year old female student with the name of Chen Guo from the Chinese Central Conservatory and a 12-year old primary school student named Liu Siying.  According to the hospital examination, Chen Guo had a fourth degree burn over her face and both her hands were basically beyond recovery.  The otherwise bright future of a girl in the best of her years was thus destroyed totally by Falun Gong.  More heartbreakingly, when the little girl Liu Siying was brought into hospital, she even did not know that her mother was among those killed at the Tian'anmen Square and she herself died shortly out of the serious burns.  All these cruel facts have prompted people to ask how these innocent children could and mothers have suffered such a tragic end without the influence of Falun Gong or believing in the vicious cult.  

Facts have shown fully that Falun Gong is utterly an anti-science, anti-humanity and anti-society vicious cult.  By outlawing Falun Gong, the Chinese Government has done an act of justice in accordance with the demands and will of the people.  

Mr. Chairman,

The Third Committee of the General Assembly is an important organ for the protection of the rights and interests of women and children.  However, as we are facing vicious cults such as Falun Gong that do such harms to women and children, the delegates of a few countries are still making comments very often that are totally untrue to facts.  This is obviously a deviation from the work objectives of the Third Committee.  And it is our hope that such a situation can be reversed very soon.

In order to help all the delegations to have a better understanding of the truth about the issue of Falun Gong, we have placed some materials in the back of this meeting room.  They are available to all the delegates after the meeting is closed.  

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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