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Falun Gong Cult Murderous: Chinese Ambassador to the USYang Jiechi, Chinese ambassador to the US, pointed out Tuesday that the evil Falun Gong cult has exerted all its efforts to entangle itself in various activities against China and turned out to be a political 'cat's-paw' of international anti-China forces.


"People in the US have seen more clearly the true nature of Falun Gong cult", Yang made the remarks in a speech on Sino-US relations given to more than 200 personages from industrial and commercial circles in Florida.

"Iron facts have proved that Falun Gong is an evil cult in nature: anti-mankind, anti-society and anti-science. Li Hongzhi, the leader of Falun Gong cult, fabricated a series of heresies to deify himself and preached about the "doomsday" in an attempt to exercise spiritual control on his followers. The cult has led to a death toll of over 1660 and caused more innocent spiritual hampered and families to break. Most practitioners have waken up and broken away from the cult. By now, the cult has already found no market in China.

Yang stressed that Falun Gong is a murderous cut, it endangers society, poisons people's minds and even jeopardizes the country, the Chinese people have widely backed the government's stand to legally ban and crack down on it. However, the evil cult has politicized and internationalized its activities and it has colluded with anti-China forces in the US to oppose the Chinese government and the Chinese people. "Facts have further demonstrated that Falun Gong is not Qi Gong or so-called 'spiritual movement' but entirely a political tool of international anti-China political organizations and forces", he added.

To deceive American public, Li Hongzhi and his cohorts have altered their strategy to propagate the evil cult under the mask of 'free brief', 'human rights', and lately promotion of 'traditional Chinese culture', instead of fallacies as 'the earth to explode' and 'Falun Gong more powerful than Christianity and Buddhism'.

The ambassador finally expressed his confidence that people of vision in American industrial and commercial circles would exert more efforts to resist the evil cult and foil its ulterior attempt to undermine Sino-US ties.

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