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Top auditor: No corruption found in disaster relief fund use
www.chinaview.cn 2008-06-23


Special report: Reconstruction After Earthquake

    BEIJING, June 23 (Xinhua) -- China's top auditor Liu Jiayi said on Monday that no corruption or misappropriation of quake-relief funds had been found to date.

    "But some work needs to be improved in quake-relief funds and material management" Liu, National Audit Office (NAO) auditor-general, added while speaking at a press conference here.

    For instance, some grassroots governments couldn't exactly evaluate economic losses from the May 12 quake and they were given more subsidies as the losses they reported were more severe than the exact situation, he said.

    Some grassroots governments also accepted disaster-relief materials that they didn't urgently need. Certain quake-relief materials had quality problems. In addition, omitting and duplication existed in quake-relief material registration.

    "We have raised some suggestions to relevant departments to solve the above problems," Liu said.

    "Up to now, the NAO has released to the general public its No. 1 report on quake-relief funds and material audit results. The No.2 report will be publicized very soon," he said.

    Liu said since the quake occurred, NAO had received 111 checkable clues relating to quake-relief funds and material used via the phone and Internet. By now, auditors had finished checking 38 clues, while another 73 were still being investigated.

    By June 22, NAO had audited 28.946 billion yuan of quake-relief funds relating to 19,850 units and departments in the provinces of Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi.

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