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Speech of Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing at the Welcome Banquet of the Fourth Round of Six-Party Talks


Your Excellencies chief of the delegations, diplomatic envoys, ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the Chinese government, I am honored to hold the welcome banquet for the delegations of the fourth round of Six-Party Talks.

In the past year we experienced some twists and turns but accumulated greater wisdom.

There are two most valuable things in the world. One is the interest of the people and the other is world peace. The basic purpose of the Six-Party Talks is to safeguard the fundamental interest of the people of the six countries and the world at large and maintain and consolidate peace and stability. It is the call of the times and the aspiration of the international community. In this sense, Your Excellencies chiefs and your delegations shoulder a critical mission with the highest honor.

In the later half of the 19th century, there was once a concept of "L'art pour l'art" in the artistic community, which aroused both cheer and criticism. However, during our Six-Party Talks what we want is not "Talks for the purpose of Talks" but making achievements through talks, peacefully solving the nuclear issue on the Peninsula through dialogue, realizing the denuclearization of the Peninsula, safeguarding peace and stability on the Peninsula, opening new prospects for the reconciliation and cooperation in Northeast Asia and benefiting the people.

Dear colleagues, tonight is time for relaxation. The Diaoyutai State Guesthouse has especially prepared nice music for us. I hope our old and new friends can share this beautiful time with great joy and happiness. Best wishes for the success of the fourth round of Six-Party Talks under our joint efforts.

Now I would like to propose a toast for the health and happiness of all our friends present here!

Thank you!

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