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Tang Jiaxuan Meets with Heads of Delegation to the Six-Party Talks


On the afternoon of June 25, 2004, State Councillor Tang Jiaxuan met with heads of delegation to the Third Round of the Six-Party Talks in Beijing at Diaoyutai State Guest Hotel.

On behalf of the Chinese government, Tang Jiaxuan welcomed the heads of delegation to attend the talks in Beijing. He said that over the past three days, the parties had exchanged in-depth views on such substantive issues as how to realize denuclearization. Despite some difficulties and differences with regard to some issues, the parties have in general made good preparations and conducted deep discussions. The rich contents of the talks have laid down an important foundation for narrowing differences, seeking consensus and making the first step for nuclear abandonment as soon as possible.

Tang Jiaxuan said that the peace talk process is like sailing against the stream. You either forge ahead or fall behind. We have launched the six-party peace talk process jointly. The task is arduous and the road ahead is long. However, no matter how great the difficulties are, we must proceed from the overall perspective of maintaining peace and stability in this region, stick to the general orientation of resolving the issue peacefully, keep on the peace talk process and try our best to identify the point where our positions converge so as to realize the goal of denuclearizing the peninsula. To that end, the parties should have the sincerity of being committed to the talks, the determination to carry on the talks, full patience, and above all, the confidence in peacefully resolving the issue through dialogue.

Tang Jiaxuan stressed that China would continue to resolutely support the six-party peace talk process and play an active role in promoting the early resolution of the nuclear issue.

Heads of delegation said that this round of talks has shown positive momentum, which must not be missed. The parties are willing to continue their efforts to promote the ultimate resolution of the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue within the framework of the mechanism of the six-party talks. The parties also thanked China for the unremitting efforts and considerate arrangements it had made for the successful convening of the talks in Beijing.

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