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The Third Round of the Six-Party Talks Opened


At 3 p.m. of June 23, the third round of the Beijing six-party talks opened in Fangfeiyuan, Diaoyutai State Guest Hotel. Delegations of China, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), the United States of America, the Republic of Korea (ROK), Japan and Russia attended the meeting. Heads of the delegations made their respective remarks.

Chairperson of this round of talks and head of the Chinese delegation Wang Yi extended a warm welcome in his opening remarks to the delegations for their coming to Beijing again. He said that with concerted efforts, the different parties have set the goal of denuclearization, identified ways of resolving the nuclear issue, paved the way for peace talks, avoided the further deterioration of the nuclear issue and eased the tensions on the peninsula to a certain extent. These important achievements have not come easily and should be safeguarded and cherished by all the parties.

Wang Yi stressed that the road towards peace is never plain, but to strive for peace is the historical responsibilities on the shoulder of all the parties. The nuclear issue on the peninsular cannot be resolved easily but to stick to the peace talk process is the sole correct choice. China, as host of the talks, will renew its efforts to promote peace talks through good offices, continue to work together with colleagues of different countries with sincerity and continue to do our bit to safeguard peace and stability one the peninsula.

Head of the DPRK delegation Kim Kye-gwan said that to realize a nuclear-free Koran Peninsula is the common aspiration of all the parties. To break the deadlock, the DPRK put forward the proposal of "freezing for compensations" during the talks. Head of the US delegation Kelly said that the comprehensive resolution of the nuclear issue of the peninsula will open the gate for development of new relations of the DPRK with the US and the international community at large, expressing hopes that all the parties respect the rights of each other and at the same time comply with relevant international obligations. He also indicated that the US would make every effort to promote the peace talk process. Head of the ROK delegation Lee Soo-Hyuck, head of the Japanese delegation Yabunaka and head of the Russian delegation Alexeyev said that the six-party talks have shown positive signs and all the parties should show mutual trust and push the talks for more achievements on the basis of equal dialogue.

Following the opening ceremony, the meeting entered the stage of the plenary session. Heads of the DPRK, the US and the ROK made remarks and introduced their respective proposals and solutions. The parties to the talks also condemned in their remarks the killing of an ROK hostage in Iraq and the terror attack that hit the Ingush Republic of the Russian Federation.

On the evening of June 23, head of the Chinese delegation Wang Yi held a welcome reception for other delegations to the talks.

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