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Wang Yi: The UN Must Remain a Facilitator of Exchanges Between Civilizations


On September 21, 2017 local time, when addressing at the General Debate of the 72nd UN General Assembly, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that it is the diversity of civilizations that gives our global village its vitality. We should raise awareness and be more than willing to respect, protect and promote such diversity. The UN must remain a facilitator of exchanges between civilizations.

Wang Yi expressed that civilizations can complement each other in the course of seeking common ground. They can also make progress together through exchanges and mutual learning. We should encourage different civilizations, cultures and countries to flourish together through interactions and healthy competition. In this regard, the UNESCO and the UN Alliance of Civilizations have a big role to play.

Wang Yi pointed out that we should encourage and respect the efforts of countries to choose development paths that suit their national conditions. Countries with different systems and paths should respect and learn from each other to achieve common progress. The UN should serve as a platform for harmonious co-existence between countries with different systems and a bridge for dialogue and exchange.

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