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Wang Yi: BRICS Cooperation Should Act as Booster, Stabilizer and Accelerator


On June 19, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at the press conference of the meeting of BRICS Ministers of Foreign Affairs that the Foreign Ministers from the five countries had carried out useful discussions on the development of BRICS cooperation in the next decade or longer and they held that the BRICS countries should act as a booster, stabilizer and accelerator.

Wang Yi pointed out that BRICS cooperation should act as the "booster" for the unity and cooperation between the emerging market countries and developing countries. The BRICS countries not only pertain to these five countries, but also to all emerging market countries and developing countries. We will continue to uphold the BRICS spirit of openness, inclusiveness and cooperation and win-win results and advocate the mutual inclusiveness among different systems and cultures. We will continue to develop a cooperation model featuring mutual benefits and win-win outcomes, and continuously expand circle of friends and increase the number of beneficiaries of BRICS cooperation for the purposes of maintaining and enhancing the overall interests and wellbeing of developing countries.

BRICS cooperation should act as a "stabilizer" for regional and international situation. The five BRICS countries hold the same or similar views on many international and regional affairs and have always been an important force for upholding international equity and justice as well as promoting world peace and stability. We will continue to commit to maintaining the core status of the United Nations to advance the political solution of hotspot issues. We will continue to safeguard the authority of international law in international affairs, so as to jointly cope with terrorism, climate change and other global challenges.

BRICS cooperation should act as an "accelerator" in the reform of international order. BRICS countries will keep the original aspirations, collaborate with each other, and continue to commit to promoting world multi-polarization and democratization of international relationship, boosting a more just and reasonable international order and system, contributing more BRICS wisdom and BRICS plans for the prosperity and progress of human society and playing an active and constructive role in building the community of shared future for mankind.

Wang Yi said that ten years ago, BRICS cooperation emerged in the trend of world multi-polarization and economic globalization, and opened up a chapter of new era with solidarity and cooperation among emerging markets. Over the past ten years, BRICS cooperation, in the direction planned by the heads of the five BRICS countries, has formed three cooperation pillars including political security, economy and finance as well as people-to-people and cultural exchanges, with tangible and important progress in these fields. 2017 is an important year for the process of cooperation and development among the BRICS countries. As the BRICS presidency, China is willing to shoulder the important mission of opening the second decade for cooperation among the BRICS countries. Together with other four countries, China will continue to strengthen and enrich the three cooperation pillars based on consensus through consultation, actively develop more cooperation in emerging fields and expand the "BRICS+" model of dialogue and cooperation, build a broad partnership and help BRICS cooperation grow into a big tree with luxuriant foliage and more bountiful fruits.

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