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Statement by Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yishan at Resumed 10th Emergency Special Session of GA


Mr. President,

China supports the request for resuming the 10th Emergency Special Session of GA from the League of Arab States and the Non-Aligned Movement. We also wish to thank you, Mr. President, for holding this timely meeting.

Recently, tension in the Middle East has been upgraded again. China is deeply disturbed and concerned about the new developments. Under such circumstances, it is deplorable that the Israeli Government has decided to continue to build the separation wall and expand the settlement. The explanation given by the Israeli Government based on security reasons is not convincing.

The issue of Palestine lies at the core of the Middle East issue and its essence is that the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people including founding their own state have not been restored. The root cause of the current Israel-Palestine conflict is the serious lack of mutual trust, leading to the vicious circle of using violence against violence. The ultimate goal in seeking solutions to the Middle East issue is to realize peaceful coexistence among all countries in the region. The separation wall cannot solve Israel's security problems once and for all. They will actually serve to deepen mutual hostility and hatred, straying farther away from the goal of peaceful coexistence among Middle East countries. The history of the past 50 years and more in the region shows clearly that political negotiation is the only way towards long-term stability in the region.

Israel-Palestine peace talks are now faced with grave challenges. We call on all the parties concerned to adopt a far-sighted approach, exercise restraint and take practical measures to avoid any extremist act so as to create favorable conditions for the easing of tension and the resumption of peace talks.

The international community, especially the "quartet mechanism", should at the same time continue and reinforce their efforts to promote peace and restart implementing the "Road Map" as soon as possible. China, as a Permanent Member of the Security Council, is ready to work with the rest of the international community and continue to make it own contributions to enhancing the Middle East peace process.

Thank you, Mr. President.
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