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Statement by H.E. Ambassador WANG Yingfan, Head of the Delegation and Permanent Representative of China to the UN at the High-Level Segment of the Substantive Session of ECOSOC


Mr. President,

Please allow me to extend our heartfelt congratulations to you on your election to the chair. Our sincere congratulations also go to other members of the Bureau. I am confident that with the guidance of you and other members of the bureau, this session will yield positive results in the discussions on the development of human resources.

The report submitted by the Secretary-General on human resources development put forward many useful suggestions beneficial to our discussions. I would like to share with you some of my points:

First, the promotion of human resources development requires new developmental concepts. The 21st century is an era of globalization and rapid development of information technology. Human resources development and building have never before been so important and pressing. Human resources development should be guided by the principle of being centered upon people and benefiting people. Its goal must be the overall enhancement of the quality of people. It must focus on improving people's capacity to adapt to globalization and information technology, their creative capacity and competitiveness so as to promote development through capacity building.

Secondly, the promotion of human resources development must contribute to improving people's health. A system of health coverage for all, which ensures the health of all citizens is the key to breaking the vicious circle of poverty leading to illness and illness, in turn, leading to further poverty. It is an important issue that must be addressed as a priority in eradicating poverty.

Thirdly, the promoting of human resources development must facilitate the creation of an educational system for continuous learning and a learning-based society. Basic education must be strengthened. Vocational education must be actively promoted. Educational and training networks with wide coverage and multi-levels must be built. Modern Internet information and communication technologies should be fully utilized to spread information networks and optimize methods of learning and improving. Fundamentally speaking, education is the main means to human resources development, as well as the foundation for human resources capacity building.

Fourthly, the promotion of human resources development requires international exchanges and cooperation and their further strengthening. The strengthening of human resources development is an onerous task facing all countries. Due to historical and other reasons, developing countries are in a particularly difficult situation in human resources development. The international community should, based on the principle of "mutual benefit and common development", increase exchanges of personnel, strengthen information exchange and establish mechanisms for multi-dimensional and different forms of cooperation. Developed countries should provide financial, material and technological assistance to developing countries so as to speed up their human resources development. Human resources development must be regarded as an important measure for assisting developing countries to achieve economic growth, narrow the gap between the north and the south and promote coordinated development. In particular, developed countries should take actions to help developing countries to narrow the "digital divide," speedily build information and communication networks, conduct internet information technology training, share knowledge resources with them and improve the quality of their workforce.

Mr. President,

The Chinese government attaches great importance to nurturing talented people . It has proposed and actively implemented the strategy of nation-building through science and education. It advocates respect for knowledge, talent and human resources development as an important means for promoting sustained economic and social development. We give priority to the development of science and education and we promote a holistic human resources development. We have reformed our personnel system and employment system. We strive to create conditions and an environment for the development of all talented people. We wish to enhance the moral character and educational levels of all our people, as well as the knowledge and skills of our workforce. We are ready to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other countries and learn from each other's experiences to promote healthy human resources development.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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