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Statement by Ms. GUO Xiaomei of the Chinese Delegation at the Sixth Committee of the 63rd Session of the UN General Assembly on Item 78: Report of the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and on the Strengthening of the Role of the Organization


New York, 22 October 2008

Mr. Chairman,

The Special Committee on the Charter is the only standing mechanism within the UN system for discussing the Charter of the United Nations and the strengthening of the role of the Organization. With its tireless efforts over the years, the Special Committee has played an important role in safeguarding the authority of the Charter, maintaining international peace and security, and promoting peaceful settlement of disputes. The Chinese delegation commends its work.

At its annual session this year, the Special Committee continued its consideration of the issue of basic conditions and standard criteria for sanctions. The Chinese delegation believes that since sanctions, as a means of dealing with threats to and breaches of international peace, have strong and extensive impacts and are coercive to a certain extent, caution must be used in resorting to sanctions and strict criteria must be followed in their application. It is necessary to strictly follow the Charter of the United Nations and principles of international law and consider using sanctions only in case of threats to international peace and security and only when means of peaceful settlement of disputes have been exhausted. In addition, it is necessary to set clear goals for sanctions, conduct periodic reviews and assessments, and lift the sanctions as soon as the goals are reached so as to avoid, as much as possible, harmful effects on third countries and civilians. The newly revised working paper proposed by Russia has incorporated views of all sides to the maximum extent and is quite mature. We support the continued consideration of this paper with a view to achieving results at an early date.

With regard to the issue of assisting third countries affected by sanction measures, the Chinese delegation has noted that in recent years the Security Council has been continually improving working methods on sanctions. For instance, it has adopted new procedures on formulating sanctions lists and on listing and delisting individual