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Chinese Permanent Representative Wang Guangya: UN Decision Represents Consensus on One-China Principle

Ambassador Wang Speaking to the Press after the Meeting of the GA General Committee on Sep. 17

The decision by the United Nations General Assembly at its 58th session not to consider the so-called Taiwan's representation in the UN at the current session represented the will of the majority of UN members, said the Chinese Permanent Representative to the UN Wang Guangya in New York Wednesday.

Wang told reporters after a General Committee session that the decision embodied the purpose and principles of the UN Charter andupheld Resolution 2758 which solved, in political, legal and procedural terms, the issue of China's representation in the United Nations.

"The decision is an indication that One-China policy is a consensus reached by the international community. Any attempt to split China and create 'Two Chinas' or 'One China, One Taiwan' by a small handful of people bent on Taiwan's independence is unpopular and doomed to failure," he said.

He stressed that an early solution to the Taiwan question and realization of complete reunification of the motherland is in the fundamental interest of the entire Chinese people, including Taiwan compatriots.

The concept of "peaceful reunification and one country, two systems" put forward by Deng Xiaoping and the eight-point proposition on cross-straits ties and the promotion of China's peaceful reunification have pointed the way for realizing this goal, he said.

The General Committee of the 58th United Nations General Assembly Session decided Wednesday not to consider the so-called "Taiwan's representation in the UN," foiling for the 11th consecutive time Taiwan's attempt to join the world inter-governmental institution.

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