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Statement by Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan At UN Security Council Ministerial Meeting on Counter-Terrorism


Mr. Chairman,

On 11 September, horrifying terrorist attacks hit New York and Washington D.C. of the US, causing heavy casualties and loss of property.  The attacks shocked the US and the world.  The Chinese people, like the people of the US and other countries, were deeply saddened and angered by the human tragedy.  I wish to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Chinese Government and people, to make a strong condemnation against this act of terror again and to express sympathy and solitude for the government and people of the US and other relevant countries.

At present, counter-terrorism is the focus of concern of the international community.  The Security Council bears prime responsibility for safeguarding international peace and security.  It is of great importance for the Security Council to hold the Ministerial Meeting on Counter-Terrorism at such a time, which will help strengthen and promote international counter-terrorism fight.

Mr. Chairman,

The 11 September incident showed that the terrorist groups were tightly organized, ruthless, full of tricks and extremely harmful.  They not only posed a major threat to international peace and security but also imposed severe shocks on the world economic development.  China believes that terrorism is a brazen challenge to the whole human civilization and a common enemy of the entire human race.

China is in favor of fighting terrorism in all forms and supports the relevant resolutions passed by the UN General Assembly and the Security Council.  All countries should adopt political, economic and judicial measures to intensify the punishment of terrorism, conscientiously fulfil the relevant Security Council resolutions, actively conduct international cooperation in counter-terrorism and accede to all international counter-terrorism conventions at an early date.

China holds that the strike against terrorism should be clear-targeted and avoid injuring innocent people, in compliance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and other acknowledged norms of international law and to the benefit of the long-term peace and stability of the region and the world.  This is also the consensus reached by all the members of the UN.

China opposes the double standards on the question of counter-terrorism.  No matter when or where terrorism strikes, or in what form, against whom, with the participation or assistance of whom, the international community should take the common stand, condemn it in unison and carry out a resolute fight against it.

China is of the view that there should be both a temporary and a permanent solution to terrorism.   Terrorism has become a global issue faced by the international community.  It emerges because of profound and complex political, economic, social, ethnic, regional and historical factors.  It is necessary to adopt a combination of political, diplomatic, economic and social and other measures and resort to all possible means to make terrorism like "water without source or tree without root".

Mr. Chairman,

Soon after 11 September incident, the UN General Assembly and the Security Council took immediate action, passing relevant resolutions and harshly condemning the terrorist attacks.  The Security Council has also passed Resolution No. 1373 on fighting terrorism and formulated counter-terrorism measures in such fields as finance, security and legislation.  The UN General Assembly also sponsored an ad hoc debate on counter-terrorism for the first time, which has expanded the international counter-terrorism momentum.  The UN and its Security Council have played an important and irreplaceable role in combating terrorism and boosting international cooperation.

The UN is the most well-represented intergovernmental organization.  Its Security Council shoulders prime responsibility for safeguarding international peace and security.  China, like other members of the international community, supports the UN and its Security Council in playing a dominant role in the fight against terrorism.

The priority for the next move by the Security Council should be to give full play to the role of the Counter-terrorism Committee, supervise and help all countries to carry out the Security Council Resolution No. 1373 in an all-round way.  Meanwhile, the Security Council should pay close attention to the development of the fight against terrorism and adopt timely measures to coordinate with and promote the international counter-terrorism endeavor.

Mr. Chairman,

China has always been against terrorism in all forms and adopted a series of administrative, judicial and economic measures in this regard.  It has actively supported and carried out international cooperation on counter-terrorism.  Soon after the Security Council adopted Resolution No. 1373, the Chinese Government issued a circular calling for strict implementation of all the provisions of the resolution.  Of the existing 12 international counter-terrorism conventions, China has acceded to 9.  Not long ago, China also completed the domestic legal procedures for joining the International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings and will soon sign the International Convention for the Suppression of Financing Terrorism.  We have also stepped up counter-terrorism consultation and cooperation with the countries concerned and established various forms of counter-terrorism cooperation mechanism.  China will go on with its unremitting efforts to combat terrorism and push international counter-terrorism cooperation.

It should be pointed out that terrorism not only threatens the US;  many members of the Security Council present here have also suffered deeply from the scourge of terrorism.  China, too, has been threatened by terrorism.  The "East Turkistan" terrorist forces have long received training, financial aid and support from international terrorist groups.  They have launched all kinds of terrorist activities in Xinjiang region of China and other countries and brutally slaughtered innocent people.   The "East Turkistan" is downright terrorism and a part of international terrorism and should be resolutely fought against.

Mr. Chairman,

Fighting against terrorism is a long-term, complicated and arduous job.  There will appear a lot of uncertain elements on the long and bumpy road.  However, I believe that as long as we handle the counter-terrorism issue in a long-term strategic perspective and with staunch political resolution and superb diplomatic wisdom, we are sure to achieve success in the international efforts to fight against all forms of terrorism.

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