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Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi Addresses the General Debate of 62nd UN General Assembly



On 28 September 28 2007, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi delivered a speech titled Seeking Cooperation and Building Harmony to the general debate of the 62nd session of the UN General Assembly, comprehensively expounding the Chinese government's views on the current international situation and position and propositions on the major international and regional issues.

He noted that mankind faces both unprecedented opportunities and challenges. The factors for maintaining peace, promoting development and seeking cooperation are increasing. Meanwhile, the traditional and non-traditional security threats interweave, hot issues are outstanding, the South-North gap expands, trade protectionism is rising, and the disadvantaged position of developing countries in general remains unchanged. This session of the General Assembly should strive to promote the harmonious coexistence among all countries. Hot issues should be settled properly and international conflicts should be solved peacefully through dialogue and cooperation.

The six-party talks have become an important platform for the parties concerned to conduct dialogue and consultations on realizing denuclearization on the Peninsula, normalizing relations between the countries concerned and building a new harmonious architecture in northeast Asia; diplomatic negotiations remain the best option for a peaceful solution of the Iranian nuclear issue. China stands for upholding the international nuclear nonproliferation regime and no nonproliferation efforts should deviate from the goal of upholding international peace and stability. China appeals to all the parties concerned to show flexibility and resume negotiations at the earliest date and is willing to continue to contribute to peacefully solving the Iranian nuclear issue; China calls on Palestine to strengthen internal solidarity, welcomes the initiative on holding the international conference on the Middle East issue, hopes the Iraqi people continue to push ahead national reconciliation and restore peace and stability and expects the comprehensive, fair and permanent solution of the Middle East issue. The international community should sustain the current sound momentum of resolving the Darfur issue, give full play to the role of the trilateral mechanism of the United Nations, the African Union and the Sudanese government as the main channel, adhere to the "double-track" strategy and push forward the peacekeeping operation and political process in a balanced manner. China will continue to push for appropriate settlement of the Darfur issue as well as peace, stability and development of Sudan.