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Statement by Ambassador Wang Min at the Security Council Briefing on Yemen


Mr. President,

At the outset, Mr. President, I would like to congratulate Morocco on assuming the presidency of the Council for this month. I believe that under your leadership our work this month will be very fruitful. I also wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and congratulations to Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri, the Permanent Representative of India, and his team for the wonderful work they accomplished during India’s presidency in November. I would like to thank Special Adviser Benomar for his briefing.

More than a year ago, the parties in Yemen, through dialogue and consultation, succeeded in signing the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Initiative and Implementation Mechanism. This is a political transition process completely led by the Yemeni people. In view of Yemen’s political, security, development and humanitarian situation, and based on respect for the will of the Yemeni Government and people, the Security Council has issued multiple presidential statements on the situation there and has adopted resolutions 2014 (2011) and 2051 (2012).

The political transition process in Yemen has made progress, and the people are carefully implementing the Council’s relevant resolutions and the GCC Initiative and Implementation Mechanism. A supreme commission for the election referendum has been established, and the National Dialogue Conference will be launched soon. The Yemeni Government has drafted a national strategy and development transition plan outlining steps for future development. China welcomes this.

Meanwhile, the future development of Yemen still faces many challenges. As to how to deal with the issues I have mentioned at the next stage, I would like to make the following four points.

First, Yemen should be supported in its efforts to uphold peace and move forward with the political process. The Yemeni people should continue to lead that process. The international community should fully respect Yemen’s sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity, as well as the rights of the Yemeni people to choose their own development path. China supports various parties in Yemen in carrying out, in accordance with the relevant Council resolution, the GCC Initiative and Implementation Mechanism, and in resolving their differences through dialogue and consultation, as well as in launching the National Dialogue Conference on time.

Secondly, we should support Yemen’s efforts to maintain State security and stability. The international community should continue to support the Government in strengthening capacity-building for the security sector, guarding agai