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Statement by Ambassador Wang Min, Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, at the Security Council Open Debate on the Situation in Somalia


I wish to thank the United Kingdom for taking the initiative to convene this open debate on the situation in Somalia. I also wish to welcome Mr. Bellingham, Under Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom, for chairing today’s meeting. I wish to thank the Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and his Special Representative for Somalia, Mr. Mahiga, for their briefings.

At present, the peace process in Somalia has shown positive momentum. The implementation of the road map to end the transition has made progress. The second Somali National Consultative Constitutional Conference was successfully convened. Relevant military actions are constantly making progress. The humanitarian situation in Somalia has significantly improved. China welcomes those developments.

In the meantime, we note that the peace process in Somalia remains an uphill battle. Some key tasks for the transitional period have yet to be completed. The tendency of some factions towards extremism and terrorism has grown. The humanitarian situation in Somalia remains fragile and calls for greater efforts on the part of the relevant parties in Somalia and the international community as a whole.

The achievement of national reconciliation is the ultimate means to the restoration of peace and stability in Somalia. We hope that the relevant parties in Somalia can seize the current favourable conditions, further strengthen unity and reconciliation, and actively promote and implement the Transitional Federal Charter, the Djibouti Agreement, the Kampala Accord and the Garowe Principles. We hope that they can comprehensively implement the road map and end the transitional period on time. We hope that the Transitional Federal Institutions of Somalia can further build their capacities and undertake, as soon as possible, effective governance over the entire country. We hope that the relevant factions in Somalia can forsake violence and terrorism and join the peace process.

Recently, the international community has been increasing its attention to and investment in the issue of Somalia. International regional organizations, such as the United Nations, the African Union (AU) and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) have stepped up their mediation efforts. The Security Council adopted resolution 2036 (2012), which raised the authorized troop level of and the support for the African Union Mission in Somalia. Troop-contributing countries such as Uganda, Burundi and Kenya have made important contributions to and sacrifices for the maintenance of stability in Somalia. Recently, the London conference on Somalia was successfully convened. We welcome its success.

China calls on the international community to continue its efforts in the following areas in order to promote the Somali peace process. It must, first, strengthen the political process and support the

mediation efforts of the United Nations, AU and IGAD, and encourage relevant parties in Somalia to substantially implement the road map; secondly, reinforce logistical support to improve the governance of the Transitional Federal Government and implement resolution 2036 (2012) in a timely and comprehensive manner; and thirdly, enhance humanitarian relief and continue to help Somalia improve its humanitarian situation. We hope that the international community can further enhance coordination and honour its commitments in order to make due contributions to the realization of lasting peace in Somalia.

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