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Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Li Baodong after Adoption of Security Council Resolution on Deployment of the Advance Team of the Supervision Mission to Syria



(photo by Shen Hong/Xinhua New Agency)

Madam President,

China always maintains that the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria as well as the choice and will of the Syrian people should be respected, and that the Syrian crisis should be resolved in a just, peaceful and proper manner through political dialogue.We urge all parties,the Syrian government and the opposition factions included, to strictly honor their commitments to cease all acts of violence and create conditions for the launch of a Syria-led inclusive political process.

Special Envoy Kofi Annan's mediation is the practical way out and an important channel for the political settlement of the Syrian crisis.China appreciates and supports the efforts made by Mr. Annan for the political solution of the Syrian crisis.We urge all parties in Syria to take real actions to support and cooperate with Mr. Annan in his mediation, and maintain the process of political solution of the Syrian issue.We call on the international community to continue its support for Mr. Annan's mediation efforts.We need to guard against any attempt to create difficulties or trouble for Mr. Annan's mediation. Any words or deeds that stand in the way of Mr. Annan's mediation efforts are unacceptable,and must be opposed.What the relevant parties say and do about the Syrian issue should contribute to the ease of the tensions,cessation of violence,launch of political dialogue,and maintenance of peace and stability in Syria and the Middle East, rather than the other way around.

The emergent deployment of the advance team of the supervision mission to Syria with the consent of the Syrian government to swiftly kick off the task of supervision and cessation of violence will help consolidate the progress made by Special Envoy Annan's mediation efforts,fully implement Mr. Annan's six-point proposal,and launch the political process at an early date.We hope the advance team will fully respect Syria's sovereignty, act in strict accordance with the authorization of the Security Council,carry out its mission in a neutral,objective and just manner, make good preparation for the deployment of the supervision mission, and play an active and constructive role in sustaining the cessation of violence and bringing about lasting peace and stability in Syria. We also hope the Syrian government and other relevant parties will vigorously support and cooperate with the advance team.We hope the Secretary-General will put forward his proposals on the deployment of the supervision mission as soon as possible.

In this context, China voted in favor of resolution 2042 that was just adopted by the Security Council.

Thank you, Madam President.


(photo by Shen Hong/Xinhua New Agency)

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