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Statement by Ms. Zhang Dan, Counsellor of the Chinese Delegation, at the Third Committee of the 65th Session of the General Assembly on Report of Human Rights Council (Item 63)


Mr. Chairman:

The Chinese Delegation wishes to thank Ambassador Sihasak, President of the Human Rights Council, for his introduction of the Council’s report. We commend his valuable work for the smooth functioning of the Council and the preparation of the Review.

Generally speaking, the work of the Human Rights Council progressed steadily in the past year. The Council considered all the items on its agenda, discussed substantive human rights issues and conducted three rounds of country-specific reviews. Further more, the Council held informal consultations on the question of the Review, decided on the basic principles, modalities and items, and organized the first meeting of the Inter-governmental Working Group.

Mr. Chairman,

Four years after its creation, the Council’s work in various areas is now on track. Although there are still shortcomings and problems, the overall performance of the Council has been good, which has contributed to the promotion of human rights worldwide. In light of this, China believes that the Review should evaluate the Council’s achievements and shortcomings over the years in an objective and even-handed manner, and should make targeted improvements to make the Council’s work more in line with what is called for in the institution-building package and the principles and spirit set forth in the GA resolution. The Review process is not to reopen negotiations on the institution-building package or seek to re-create the Council. China hopes and trusts that the President will use his able leadership to ensure the openness, transparency and inclusiveness of the consultation process. It is our hope that all parties will take a constructive, flexible and pragmatic approach to the dialogue and consultations with a view to reaching consensus. The Council may also wish to put forward recommendations on its relationship with the Third Committee in order to further define the division of labor between these two organs with the aim of avoiding duplication and waste of resources.

Mr. Chairman,

China has been working relentlessly to promote human rights at the national level, and has conscientiously fulfilled its duty as a member of the Human Rights Council. As the work of the Review is fully under way, China will work with all parties in a pragmatic, effective and cooperative manner to improve the work of the Council. Our aim is to have a Council that addresses human rights issues based on the principles of objectivity, impartiality and non-selectivity, that facilitates international dialogue and cooperation on human rights issues, and that works to advance the cause of human rights.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman

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