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Statement by Counselor Zhao Xinli of the Chinese Mission at the 2nd Committee of the 65th Session of the General Assembly on "Promotion of Development through ICT" (Item 17)


Mr. Chairman,

China welcomes the report submitted by the Secretary General under this agenda item and endorses the statement delivered by the representative of Yemen on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.

In today’s world, the Internet and other information technologies and industry have greatly promoted the development of social productivity, profoundly changing people’s production mode and way of living, and promoting the development of human society to the information era. An information society should be a people-centered, development oriented and inclusive one which benefits every person and country. However, we cannot ignore the fact that in the process of economic globalization and information network development, there is still a gaping gap between the developed and the developing countries in the ICT field, especially in terms of internet development with the LDCs facing the risk of information marginalization. IGF should strengthen the participation of the developing countries, putting the development issues in the primary place, focusing on the interests of the gradually marginalized and vulnerable countries and groups, and guiding the development of the information society to benefit different countries and groups for win-win and coexistence.

In the past five years, the IGF budget has not been included into the regular budget of the United Nations, and its funds have to be donated by some countries and organizations. Due to the lack of regular financial support, it is difficult to ensure the fairness of the IGF Secretariat and to guarantee the funding for participation of the developing countries. All parties have recognized this problem. Therefore, in the next five-year period, it is necessary to include the IGF budget into the regular budget framework of the United Nations.

In the past five years, IGF Advisory Group has played a positive role in the preparation of IGF Annual Meeting. However, due to the lack of clear working methods and rules, many stakeholders have doubts on the transparency and representativeness of the IGF Advisory Group. The existing preparation, operation, the Secretariat and other relevant mechanisms of the IGF should be improved, and the provisions of paragraph 78 of the Tunis Agenda should be implemented to establish a cost effective bureau to support the Internet Governance Forum, to ensure the balanced participation of the regions and countries.

Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese government energetically advocates and actively supports the development and application of the Internet across the country. China now boasts the most Internet users in the world. The rapid development of China's Internet industry benefits from China's policy of reform and opening-up, from the sustainable development of the Chinese economy, and from advanced global technology and experience. The development of the Chinese Internet industry has greatly promoted the development of China's science and technology, economy, politics, society and culture, as well as the enhancement of the social civilization and the well-being of its people.

The Chinese government will continue to promote Internet development, encourage the use of new technology in providing new services and meeting the growing diversified needs of the people, and stick to the basic principle of administering the Internet in accordance with the law in the light of the national conditions so as to contribute to the development of the Internet worldwide.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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