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Statement by Mr. LIU Υutong, spokesperson of the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations


Question by Mr. Matthew Russell Lee with the Inner City Press: Reuters reported that, according to a Security Council diplomat, the latest report of the Panel of Experts on Sudan says a dozen brands of bullet casings found at sites of attacks on U.N./African Union peacekeepers in Darfur came from China, and that China has tried to block the publication of the report. Does the Chinese Mission have any comment?

Answer∶ The latest report of the Panel of Experts on Sudan has serious drawbacks. A number of references in the report are not based on facts and lack of solid evidence. Some of the conclusions of the report are vague and unclear. Some are even based on the Panel’ s own conjecture and presumption. This is not consistent with the requirements of the Security Council that the Panel of Experts should carry out its work in a responsible, objective, impartial and professional manner. The Panel of Experts uses a large amount of UN budget and resources every year. It should improve its performance.

China takes a prudent and responsible attitude towards its arms export and has always fulfilled its obligations under Security Council resolutions. Around 800 Chinese peacekeepers are currently deployed in Sudan. China attaches great importance to their safety and security. What was said by the so-called Security Council diplomat as quoted by the Reuters is not inline with the fact, illogical and lacks common sense. The diplomat was even afraid of disclosing the name of his/her own country, which clearly demonstrates that the diplomat has no confidence in what he/she said and he/she is not credible. I don’t want to presume who has provided the Reuters with the above mentioned information. Such old-fashioned trick only testifies to the stereotyped prejudice against the developing countries.

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