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Statement by Ambassador LI Baodong, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, at the Informal Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly on the Upcoming G-20 Summit in Seoul


Mr. President,

The Chinese delegation welcomes and appreciates the convening of this meeting by you and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the leading up to the G-20 Summit in Seoul to discuss with members states ways to enhance the interaction between the United Nations and the G- 20. I wish also to thank H.E. Mr. Ho Young Ahn, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea, for travelling to New York to brief the member states on the preparations for the upcoming G-20 Summit in Seoul. This is an important step towards stronger coordination and cooperation between the G-20 and the United Nations. It is our hope that this good practice will continue.

China hopes that the Seoul Summit will, in the spirit of mutual benefit and win-win outcome and on the basis of implementation of the outcomes of previous G-20 summits, achieve the following positive results: First, strengthen the institutional building of the G-20, enhance market confidence around the world, and accelerate the recovery of the world economy. Second, complete the IMF’s share reform before the Summit and fulfill the commitments made by the G-20 leaders. Third, address the imbalance in development between the North and the South and produce concrete results on development issues, so as to provide political support to the early realization of the MDGs. Fourth, facilitate the achievement of a comprehensive and balanced outcome at the Doha Round and the fulfillment of the Development Round objectives. China stands ready to work with all parties concerned to ensure that the G-20 Summit continue to develop in line with the common interest of the international community.

Mr. President,

The G-20 Summit has played a significant and positive role in coordinating global response to the international financial crisis and in promoting the recovery of the world economy. The United Nations is the most authoritative and representative multilateral organization. Enhancing coordination and cooperation between the G-20 and the United Nations will help strengthen global economic governance, promote the sustainable and balanced recovery of the world economy, and address the legitimate concerns of small and medium-sized countries. China supports the initiatives of the G-20 to invite, as it did in the past, representatives of the United Nations to participate in the Summit and its preparations. China welcomes the effort of the Secretary-General to gather the views and proposals of the member states and bring these inputs to the Summit in Seoul.

Development is one of the three pillars of the United Nations. The Organization has worked unremittingly over the years to promote development and has made important contributions in this regard. The UN High-Level Meeting on the MDGs held in September has produced encouraging results, garnered international consensus, and chartered a promising course for accelerating our efforts towards the MDGs in the remaining five years. The inclusion of the issue of development in the agenda of the G-20 Summit in Seoul will inject new dynamism into the global development agenda and facilitate the timely achievement of the MDGs. China supports the enhancement of coordination between the G-20 and the United Nations and the full utilization of the advantages of the latter in the field of development with a view to promoting international cooperation for development.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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