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Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi Attends the United Nations High Level Ministerial Meeting on the Flood Emergency in Pakistan and Delivers a Speech


On September 19, 2010, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, who was attending the 65th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, attended the United Nations High Level Ministerial Meeting on the Flood Emergency in Pakistan and delivered a speech.

Yang said that when Pakistan suffered unprecedented flood, the Chinese government provided emergency humanitarian assistance in the first instance, with the accumulative assistance totaling 320 million yuan. China also transported subsistence goods to the troubled northern Pakistan region to support the needs of local residents. Chinese rescue teams and medical teams entered the worst-hit regions to help the victims. The people from all walks of life in China also donated materials and money to Pakistan.

Yang pointed out that despite the fact that China also suffered serious natural disaster, China still managed to provide assistance for Pakistan. This is completely out of the Sino-Pakistani friendship and the international humanitarian spirit. Facts have proven that Pakistan and China are true friends sharing weal and woe. The Chinese government will, within its capabilities, continue to provide support and assistance for the settlement of the victims and the post-disaster reconstruction in Pakistan. With the unremitting efforts of the Pakistani government and people and with the support and help of the international community, the Pakistani people will soon overcome the difficulties and rebuild their beautiful homeland.

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