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Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Li Baodong on New Security Council Resolution on Iranian Nuclear Issue

(Photograph by Bai Jie/Xinhua News Agency) 
Mr. President,

The Security Council just adopted by vote a new resolution on the Iranian nuclear issue. This is the sixth resolution on the issue adopted by the Council since July2006. Like the previous five resolutions, the new resolution not only reflects the concerns of the international community over the Iranian nuclear issue, but also expresses the aspiration of all parties to bring about an early and peaceful settlement of the issue through diplomatic negotiations. China calls on all members of the international community to implement the resolution comprehensively and in good faith.

China always maintains that the action taken by the Security Council on the Iranian nuclear issue must adhere to the following three principles: first, it should contribute to the maintenance of international nuclear non-proliferation regime. As a state party to the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), Iran should strictly fulfill its obligations under the NPT. In the meantime, its right to peaceful uses of nuclear energy should be fully respected and safeguarded. Second, the Security Council action should be conducive to peace and stability in the Middle East, especially the gulf region. Third, it should help promote the current momentum of world economic recovery and avoid any impact on normal life of Iranian people and legitimate economic and trade relation between Iran and other states. The action taken by the Security Council should be appropriate, incremental, clearly targeted, and in line with the actual practice of Iran in the nuclear field, and it should reinforce the diplomatic efforts to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue.

China has been earnestly and constructively engaged in the consultations on the draft resolution, and worked vigorously to ensure that the draft resolution fully reflects the above principles. We are of the view that sanctions can never fundamentally resolve the Iranian nuclear issue. To bring about a comprehensive and appropriate settlement of the issue, it is imperative to return to the track of dialogue and negotiations. Adoption of the new resolution by the Security Council does not mean the door to diplomatic efforts is closed. The new resolution is aimed to bring Iran back to the negotiating table and activate a new round of diplomatic efforts.In this connection, the sanctions mentioned in the new resolution are reversible. That is to say, if Iran suspends uranium enrichment and reprocessing activities,and complies with the relevant IAEA and Security Council resolutions,the Council will suspend, or even lift its sanctions against Iran. China always believes that unity of the Security Council is crucial for the comprehensive, long-term and appropriate solution of the Iranian nuclear issue. We always advocate for maintaining unity of the Security Council and do not support taking hasty actions. We should make more efforts in maintaining unity of the Security Council.

Over the years, China has been committed to peacefully resolving the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomatic negotiations and has made unremitting efforts in this regard. China welcomes and highly values the tripartite agreement between Brazil, Turkey and Iran on nuclear fuel exchange for the Tehran research reactor. We hope parties concerned will make full use of the positive momentum created by the agreement, and spare no effort to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue peacefully through dialogue and negotiations.

Mr. President,

As the Security Council adopted the new resolution on the Iranian nuclear issue, the foreign ministers of E3+3 issued a joint statement, reiterating their commitment to resolving the issue through diplomatic negotiations, and expressing their readiness to redouble diplomatic efforts toward resumption of negotiations. China hopes that countries concerned will, on the basis of equality and mutual respect, strengthen contact and dialogue, foster mutual trust, dispel misgivings, address each other's concerns,and seek a solution acceptable to all parties to restart negotiations. China will work along with all countries concerned and continue to make its own contribution to the peaceful settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomatic means.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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