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Statement by Ambassador LIU Zhenmin at the Legal Advisors Meeting of the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization during the 64th UNGA Session


Mr. Secretary-General,

At the outset, I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) on successfully convening its 48th annual meeting in Malaysia in August this year. 

As you have presented, during the 48th annual meeting, the participants discussed the work report of the International Law Commission, and a number of other issues including maritime security and delimitation, the latest development of the International Criminal Court, transnational immigration and human trafficking, and response to the financial crisis. The meeting covered not only major theoretical questions concerning the current development of international law, but also international hotspot issues of common concern to all countries.

The purpose of the AALCO is to facilitate consultation so as to forge consensus and enhance mutual understanding among its member states on issues related to international law, with a view to promoting peace and development through international law. The participating countries exchanged views on the relevant issues, which contributes to enhancing our mutual understanding and coordination of positions among Asian and African countries on major international issues.

Mr. Chairman,

The world is now undergoing complex and profound changes, and the international system and order are facing new adjustments. In the midst of the new circumstances, how should the AALCO carry on the Bandung Spirit and go with the tide of the times? How should we effectively increase the influence of the AALCO and ensure that it plays a more active role on the international stage? These should be issues that merit serious consideration by the AALCO and each and every of its member states.

The Chinese government values the role played by the AALCO and has rendered various forms of support to its daily operation. We support the AALCO in further strengthening its cooperation with UN agencies on legal affairs, including the International Court of Justice, the International Law Commission, and the UN Legal Office. In this regard, I think two areas need to be emphasized:

First, explore new forms of cooperation. Today's meeting and the joint meeting of the AALCO and the International Law Commission are both good forms of cooperation. We support convening of such meetings in the future. We may also explore other forms of cooperation.

Second, focus on improving the effectiveness of cooperation. The AALCO should closely follow the new issues and developments in the field of international law, have an accurate grasp of the concerns of its member states, and engage in exchanges and cooperation with UN agencies on leg