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Statement by Counselor Zhang Dan, Alternative Representative of the Chinese Delegation to the 47th Session of the Commission on Social Development under Item 3 (c) "Emerging Issues"



Mme Chairperson,

The Chinese Delegation associates itself with the statement made by the distinguished delegate of Sudan on behalf of G77 and China.

The economy of China, as a part of the global economy, has also been affected by the international financial crisis and is now facing the most daunting challenge in recent years. Manifestations of this challenge include rising unemployment rate in towns and cities, difficulties some enterprises encounter in production and business operation and mounting pressure for a slowdown in economic growth. The Chinese Government has taken active measures in responding to the global financial crisis.

Firstly, we promptly formulated ten initiatives to expand internal demand. The investment will mainly go to government-subsidized housing projects, projects concerning the well-being of rural residents, environmental protection projects and rehabilitation and reconstruction in the region struck by the devastating earthquake in Sichuan last year.

Secondly, we have put in place more proactive employment policies. In accordance with the Employment Promotion Law, the government implements policies to support job generating industries to hire more people, help small and medium enterprises overcome their difficulties in business operation, and encourage enterprises to reduce layoff and keep the number of their employees stable. Free vocational training is provided to the unemployed so that they can find jobs as soon as possible. With regard to vulnerable groups, the government has adopted special policies to create jobs in the field of public welfare in order to meet their employment needs.

Thirdly, we have drastically raised the level of social security. The government has accelerated the pace to improve our social security system and raised the levels of basic pension for retirees, unemployment insurance and industrial injury insurance, the minimum life guarantee for urban and rural residents and life subsidies for various vulnerable groups. We will ensure that this year, the scale of increase of financial input in social security and employment will far exceed that of our financial revenues.

Fourthly, we will reform our health care system. Within the time span of three years, the government will invest 850 billion RMB yuan to set up a basic health care system covering the whole country