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Statement by Ambassador WANG Guangya at the Informal Meeting of the General Assembly on the Draft Outcome Document of the September Summit
21 June 2005, New York


Mr. President,

The Chinese delegation would like to thank you for having convened and presided over our consultations on the draft outcome document of the upcoming GA Summit. We would also like to thank you and the facilitators for the positive efforts made during the process of drafting this document. The importance of today’s meeting is self-evident. We can say that it marks the start of the countdown of the preparations for the Summit. We are convinced that under your outstanding leadership, we’ll make good progress in our consultations on the outcome document and thus lay down a solid foundation for the successful convocation of the Summit in September.

Mr. President,

This year is of very special significance to the United Nations. The Summit in September will be a grand event and the focus of the attention of the whole world. As of now, leaders of more than 170 countries have already confirmed their participation in the Summit. The Summit will not only review the glory and vicissitudes of the UN over the past 60 years, but more importantly, it will also sound the clarion call for the march into the future and turn over a new page for the Organization. Five years ago, leaders of the Member States gathered together to issue the historic “Millennium Declaration” which contains noble commitments for our “Earth Village”—the place which the whole mankind owns and lives together. Five years later, each and every citizen of the “Earth Village” is waiting to see the results of this stage of the fulfillment of those commitments as well as a new blueprint for accelerated implementation.

Starting from the end of last year, we have discussed in an extensive and prolonged manner the report of the High-Level Panel, the report of the Millennium Project and the Consolidated Report of the Secretary-General. Those discussions were for the purpose of creating a propitious foundation and atmosphere for the September Summit. If we compare those meticulous discussions to the overture of the September Summit, then the draft document we are discussing today is the cadenza of the Summit. We the 191 Member States are the composers of this magnificent concerto. The success of the “Ode to Joy” to be put on in September will depend on the political will and spirit of cooperation of all the Member States. We are entrusted with a tremendous responsibility.

Mr. President,

The outcome document of the Summit is a development and an extension of the Millennium Declaration. It will have significant and profound impact on the efforts to realize the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), on the reform of the UN and the improvement of its internal management and on the promotion and deepening of multilateralism. China is of the view that the form of the outcome document should be concise and forceful in order to reflect and correspond to the status of the world leaders. More importantly, the content of this document should help achieve the following three goals:

First, the issue of development should be hig