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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Wu Haitao at the Side Meeting on Social Security for the CSocD58


Ambassador Gonzato,

Director Pinheiro,

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Chinese Mission is honored to co-host a side meeting on social security with the Permanent Mission of the EU and the ILO.

Social security is one of the most important social-economic systems in modern countries. It is closely related to the well-being of the people, and affects the long-term stability of a country. Social security complements and mutually reinforces SDG goals such as poverty eradication, equality and economic growth, and plays an important role in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Countries should establish and improve their social security systems in light of their national conditions and strive to ensure that no one is left behind.

Social security is an important part of China's basic public service system and a basic channel for the Chinese people to share the fruits of development. As the most populous country, we have established the largest social security system in the world. The goal of universal coverage is being steadily achieved. By 2019, number of participants in primary old age, unemployment and work-related injury insurances had reached 947 million, 200 million and 245 million respectively. The goal of universal medical insurance has been basically achieved, covering more than 1.35 billion people.

The Chinese government has actively participated in international cooperation on social security, and has signed with 12 countries bilateral social security agreements. China and the EU implemented two social security cooperation projects in China from 2006 to 2011 and again from 2014 to 2018, providing a good platform for the two sides to enhance mutual understanding, share experience and strengthen capacity building. In December 2019, China, the EU and the ILO jointly launched a three-year social security program, marking a further deepening of trilateral cooperation in the field of social security.

China's social security undertakings have continued to develop and innovate, which have effectively protected the basic livelihood of the people, elevated the level of inclusive development, and generated important experiences. First, we give full play to the advantages of the socialist system, stick to holistic planning and central coordination so as to focus our efforts on major tasks. Second, we uphold the people-centered concept, and solve the most concerning, most pressing and most pragmatic problems of the people in the establishment of the social security system. Third, we strive to protect and improve people's livelihood in the process of development, promote development of social security in sync with economic growth, so as to gradually improve the level of social security in accordance with economic development and financial resources.

Dear colleagues,

Fighting the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia epidemic is the most important and urgent task for China at this moment. Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, we have taken the most comprehensive and rigorous prevention and control measures, conducted international cooperation in an open, transparent and highly responsible way, and reported outbreak and shared viral genetic sequences in a timely manner. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, WHO Director General Tedros and leaders from many countries have expressed appreciation and support to China's efforts on many occasions. Many countries have offered sincere assistance. At present, the work we have done are gradually showing results. We are confident and able to overcome the epidemic.

Social security system plays a positive role in combating the epidemic. We have augmented social security online services, deferred social insurance payment of enterprises and individuals, opened green passage to expedite proper handling of work-related injury cases and insurance payment for front line medical and related staff. The medicines and medical services covered by the "2019-nCoV Diagnosis and Treatment Program" have been temporarily included in the payment of medical insurance funds.

In closing, I look forward to your active participation in the discussion. Let’s share our experience and thoughts and make the meeting fruitful.

Thank you!

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