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Statement by Ambassador WU Haitao at the Security Council Briefing on Syria


China congratulates Kuwait on assuming the presidency of the Security Council for the current month. We also commend Kazakhstan for its accomplishments during its presidency last month. I wish to thank the High Representative Nakamitsu for her briefing.

China welcomes the progress achieved in the verification and destruction of the two remaining chemical-weapon production facilities within Syria’s borders. We support the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in continuing its coordination and cooperation with the Syrian Government so as to properly settle all the outstanding issues revolving around the initial declarations of chemical weapons by Syria through the OPCW platform.

China expresses its deepest sympathy to the Syrian people for their suffering as the result of chemical weapons. No use of chemical weapons will be tolerated. Lately, there have been some media reports of suspected use of chlorine and other poisonous chemicals as weapons within Syria’s borders, over which China wishes to register its deepest concern. It is hoped that the relevant parties will carry out verification of the related incidents as soon as possible.

When it comes to the question of chemical weapons, China’s position is as clear cut as it is consistent. We stand firmly against the use of chemical weapons by any country, organization or individual for whatever purpose and under any circumstances. China supports conducting comprehensive, objective and impartial investigations into any alleged use of chemical weapons within Syrian borders so as to come up with results that stand the test of time, square with the facts and help bring the perpetrators to justice.

Establishing a new chemical-weapon investigative mechanism is critical to getting to the bottom of the chemical-weapon incidents as well as deterring any future recurrences in Syria. All Council parties should work together to that end. China supports the efforts on the part of Russia to promote the establishment of a new investigative mechanism into the use of chemical weapons in Syria. We hope that the members of the Council will continue to engage in constructive consultations so as to achieve consensus at an early date.

The chemical-weapon issue in Syria is closely related to a political settlement to the Syrian issue. Major achievements have been made at the Syrian National Dialogue, held recently in Sochi, which played a positive role in advancing the Syrian political process, while lending impetus to relaunching the Geneva talks. It is China’s hope that relevant parties will support the Security Council and the OPCW in continuing to act as the main channel for tackling the Syrian chemical-weapon issue, adopt a constructive attitude, seek proper solutions through consultation, maintain the unity of the Council, so as to cooperate with the United Nations and with the relevant parties in their efforts to advance the political process in Syria.

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