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Statement by Ambassador LIU Jieyi at the Security Council Debate on Afghanistan


China welcomes the convening of this open debate on Afghanistan. I wish to thank Special Representative of the Secretary-General Tadamichi Yamamoto for his briefing.

Peace and stability in Afghanistan has a bearing on the fundamental interests of the Afghan people, as well as regional security, stability, development and prosperity. China commends the efforts of the Afghan Government in promoting national stability, reconciliation and economic development, and appreciates the constructive help of the neighbors of Afghanistan and the relevant countries in the region.

Afghanistan faces daunting challenges in the political, economic and security sectors. Recently, the security situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated, with frequent armed conflicts and terrorist incidents leading to massive civilian casualties, which has captured the attention of all parties. It is imperative for the international community to step up efforts in taking comprehensive measures to promote the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan so as to help the country overcome difficulties and get through this challenging period.

First of all, priority should be given to the prompt restoration of security and stability in the country. The international community should vigorously support the capacity-building efforts of the Afghan national security forces to improve its self-defense capabilities in order to effectively cope with the threats posed by terrorism, cross-border crime and drug trafficking etc. The international community should stick to a unified standard in enhancing coordination and cooperation to fight against terrorist forces in Afghanistan, cut off the supply of funds and weapons to terrorist organizations, prevent the inflow and return of terrorist combatants, curb the spread of terrorist ideology and eliminate the root causes of terrorism.

Secondly, promoting the national reconciliation process is an important foundation for the long-term peace and stability of the country. Parties in Afghanistan should bear in mind the future of the country and the interests of its people by actively participating in the reconciliation process, resolve differences and conflicts and restore trust through dialogue with a view to finding a solution that is acceptable to all. The peace agreement between the Afghan Government and the Hezb-i Islami (Gulbuddin) should be implemented, which will serve as a model for further promoting national reconciliation in the country. The international community should continue its full support for an inclusive reconciliation process that is led and owned by the Afghan people and encourage the parties concerned in Afghanistan to launch peace talks as soon as possible.

Thirdly, strengthening governance capabilities is an important guarantee for peace and reconstruction in the country. Afghan issues should ultimately be managed by the Afghan people. All political factions in Afghanistan should strengthen unity, resolve differences through dialogue and consultations and reach consensus in order to build strong and effective governance capabilities. The international community should respect the right of the Afghan people to independently choose their political system and path to development. Meanwhile, in the light of the national development strategy and Afghanistan’s special needs, targeted assistance should be provided to help the Afghan Government improve its governance capabilities.

Fourthly, integration in regional development is a viable solution for peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan. The international community should actively honor its commitments to provide assistance and support the economic and social development of the country. Afghanistan enjoys advantages in resources and geographic location, which brings about great prospects for regional cooperation. As UNSC Resolution 2344 (2017) and the relevant General Assembly resolutions stipulate, parties should be committed to creating a community with a shared future in a spirit of cooperation in which everyone wins, and to promoting the economic and social development of Afghanistan and regional cooperation through the Belt and Road Initiative. We hope that parties will actively encourage the alignment of the Afghanistan national development strategy with the Belt and Road Initiative, improve links between Afghanistan and Central Asia and other neighboring countries and provide security guarantees for the implementation of relevant projects so as to help Afghanistan achieve regional development and capitalize on shared development opportunities.

China commends the efforts of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and hopes UNAMA will play an active role in helping Afghanistan restore stability, advance national reconciliation, improve its governance capabilities and promote economic and social development. China will continue to support UNAMA’s work. China hopes that the ongoing strategic review will help UNAMA focus more on peace, reconciliation and development, strengthen its capabilities in coordinating international support, further optimize resource allocation, improve the management process and enhance its ability to cope with complicated situations.

China has always been a friendly neighbor to Afghanistan and respects the country’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. We have been promoting the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan through the Quadrilateral Coordination Group — made up of Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the United States. We support Afghanistan’s efforts to eliminate the threats of terrorism, extremism and drug-related crime, in order to achieve peace, stability and prosperity as soon as possible. China will continue to support Afghanistan in stepping up capacity-building in the security sector and we support an active role by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in helping Afghanistan combat terrorism. China supports Afghanistan’s integration in regional cooperation and actively promotes the alignment of the Belt and Road Initiative with the Afghanistan national development strategy. We stand ready to work with the international community to make unremitting efforts in promoting peace, stability and development in Afghanistan as soon as possible.

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