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Statement by Ambassador WU Haitao at the Security Council Debate on Myanmar


China would like to thank Secretary-General Guterres for his briefing.

China condemns the recent violent attacks in Myanmar’s Rakhine state and supports Myanmar’s efforts to maintain domestic stability. We sincerely hope that order will again prevail as soon as possible so that no more harm will come to innocent civilians, and that social stability, unity among ethnic groups and economic development will be sustained.

The question of Rakhine state is rooted in a nexus of complex historical ethnic and religious factors. Many of the differences and antagonisms in the state have built up over a long time, which cannot be solved overnight. A viable solution will be one that goes hand in hand with the peace and reconciliation process in Myanmar. China has taken note of a series of measures taken by the Government of Myanmar to ease the situation in Rakhine state and maintain its stability, which is conducive to the search for a long-term solution to the issue. It behoves the international community to view the difficulties and challenges confronting the Government of Myanmar objectively, while exercising patience and providing support and help.

China commends Bangladesh for overcoming difficulties to improve the humanitarian situation on the ground. We welcome the Myanmar Government’s cooperation in humanitarian operations with the International Committee of the Red Cross and other international bodies. The international community should encourage and support dialogue and communication between the two countries so that they can duly address the mass exodus of the Muslim population seeking refuge in Bangladesh and find a definitive solution.

China, as a friendly neighbor of both Myanmar and Bangladesh, has been actively engaging with those countries to influence them positively and encourage them to address the issue through dialogue and consultation. China has provided and will continue to provide assistance necessary for accommodating the displaced. As we speak, the situation on the ground is beginning to stabilize.

All parties should work constructively to help reinforce that momentum, de-escalate the situation and alleviate the humanitarian conditions step by step. China stands ready to work with all parties concerned to contribute constructively to the restoration of order and the achievement of peace and stability in Rakhine state.

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