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Wang Yi Chairs the Informal Meeting of Foreign Ministers of CICA Member States


On September 20, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi chaired the Informal Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Member States of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) at UN headquarters in New York. Foreign Ministers or their representatives from over 20 countries attended the meeting.

Wang Yi expressed that after 25-year development, the CICA has become a security forum with the widest coverage and the largest number of members that best represents the similar forums in Asia. The CICA cooperation fits with the common aspiration of win-win cooperation of regional countries, upholds the cooperative principle of extensive consultation and joint construction, and adheres to the spirit of the times featured by openness and inclusiveness, which shows exuberant vigor. Since China took over the presidency of the CICA, the concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security in Asia has received wide recognition, with cooperation in confidence-building measures among member states being advanced in an orderly way, the partnership network being constantly expanded and the social public opinion foundation of the CICA cooperation being consolidated day by day.

Wang Yi stated that while looking into the future, we must promote the establishment of security cooperation framework in Asia led by the Asian security concept, integrate the CICA concept with the Silk Road spirit, explore the docking of different countries' development strategies within the CICA framework, and exploit the assembly effect of the CICA, so as to build an Asian community of shared future, sticking together through thick and thin. China will be the determined supporter, promoter and builder of the CICA course as usual, and will join efforts with other member states to open up a new situation of Asia's security and development causes.

All Foreign Ministers present at the meeting highly appreciated China's effective work in promoting the CICA cooperation since the country took over the presidency, and agreed to continuously maintain regional peace and stability so as to realize sustainable development, combat terrorism, deepen cooperation in areas like people-to-people and cultural exchanges, further improve the influence of the CICA and play a more vital role in international and regional affairs.

After the meeting, on the basis of consensus through consultation, Foreign Ministers of all member states jointly issued the Statement of the Foreign Ministers of the CICA Member States on the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Establishment of the CICA.

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