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Statement by Ambassador WU Haitao at the Security Council Briefing on Syria


I wish to thank Under-Secretary-General O’Brien for his briefing.

Recently, thanks to the joint efforts of the international community, the political settlement of the Syrian issue has gained momentum. Recently concluded Intra-Syrian talks have made progress, while the last round of Astana dialogue has created conditions for the consolidation of the ceasefire and the scaling up of humanitarian relief. China commends the mediation efforts of the United Nations and the efforts by Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey and Iran in advancing the Astana dialogue, and hopes that it will be conducive to the alleviation of the humanitarian situation in Syria and the promotion of a political settlement.

Despite recent difficulties on the ground, United Nations humanitarian agencies continue to dispatch relief convoys to relevant areas in Syria. China commends those efforts and urges parties in Syria to effectively implement relevant Security Council resolutions, observe the ceasefire agreement and actively coordinate with United Nations humanitarian relief operations by providing rapid, safe and unhindered access. The international community should implement as soon as possible the outcomes of the Brussels international conference on Syria by providing assistance to Syria and to relevant countries in the region.

Political settlement is the only viable way to completely ease the humanitarian situation in Syria. Special Envoy De Mistura has announced that the next round of Intra-Syrian talks will be held in June. The parties concerned should adhere unswervingly to diplomatic efforts and continue to support the role of the United Nations as the main mediator and the work of the Special Envoy; jointly encourage the parties in Syria to participate constructively in the next round of Intra-Syrian talks, under the principle of Syrian-owned and Syrian-led and take part in dialogue and negotiations, in the quest for a comprehensive, lasting solution that is acceptable to everyone.

Attacks launched by terrorist organizations in Syria severely impede international relief efforts. China calls on the international community to step up counterterrorism coordination efforts, adopt unified standards and resolutely combat all terrorist organizations identified by the Security Council.

China continues to support the alleviation of the humanitarian situation in Syria and the political settlement of the Syrian question. The Special Envoy of the Chinese Government on Syria attended the most recent round of Intra-Syrian talks to promote dialogue for peace. China stands ready to continue to play a constructive role in reaching a comprehensive, impartial and appropriate solution to the Syrian issue at an early date.

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