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Statement by Ambassador WU Haitao at the Security Council Briefing on Libya


China would like to thank Special Representative Kobler and Ambassador Skoog for their briefings and commends them for their efforts.

There has been limited progress on the implementation of the Libyan Political Agreement, which was signed more than a year ago. The Libyan peace process is facing serious challenges. The political dialogue has run into major problems and the parties still lack confidence. The security situation is fragile with escalating armed conflicts. The terrorist forces have still not been eradicated and arms proliferation continues to be a serious issue.

China firmly supports Libya to restore national security and stability through peaceful means, and commends all the Libyan stakeholders for their efforts to implement the Political Agreement. They should all work together with the aim of reversing the current negative trend and take proactive and effective measures to advance the peace process in Libya.

First, the political solution to the Libyan question should be upheld as the only right choice. The Libyan political process should uphold the principle of Libyan-owned and Libyan-led and an inclusive political dialogue should begin as soon as possible. All the parties should demonstrate sincerity and promote dialogue and negotiation in settling their differences. The relevant Security Council resolutions and the Libyan Political Agreement should serve as a foundation for finding a solution that is acceptable to all parties and will help to achieve national reconciliation.

Secondly, a ceasefire should be reached with a view to create the right conditions for restoring and maintaining the political dialogue. All Libyan stakeholders should exercise restraint and avoid resorting to force. They should put aside their differences, build mutual trust and cooperate in such areas as fighting terrorism and protecting airfields, harbors and other critical economic infrastructure, in order to protect the interests of all Libyans.

Thirdly, the international community should provide constructive assistance, with the United Nations as the principal mediator. The United Nations Support Mission in Libya should conduct its work based on the mandate assigned to it by the Security Council resolutions. Regional organizations such as the League of Arab States and the African Union, as well as Libya’s neighbors, should continue to promote peace, facilitate talks and encourage all parties in Libya to be flexible in dialogue and participate actively in national reconciliation efforts. The international community should respect Libya’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and increase support to Libya in order to help it strengthen its State governance and development capacities. China stands ready to work with the international community and to contribute to the restoration of State governance and the realization of peace, stability and development as soon as possible.

(UN Photo/Rick Bajornas)

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