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Wang Yi: Promote a Peaceful Solution to the Korean Peninsula Nuclear Issue as Soon as Possible through "Double Strengthening"


On April 28, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a speech to domestic and foreign media before the open ministerial meeting of the UN Security Council on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue in New York. Wang Yi noted that escalating Korean Peninsula tension has been on the edge of explosion and thus it's necessary for the UN Security Council to hold this ministerial meeting for the issue today.

Wang Yi stressed that China's stance on the Peninsula nuclear issue has been consistent and clear. China will adhere to the two basic directions no matter what happens. One is to realize the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and defend the international nuclear non-proliferation system. The other is to safeguard the peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and prevent war and turmoil. Therefore, the only practical and operable choice for the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue is to solve it peacefully through dialogues and negotiations.

Given the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has sped up the development of its nuclear missile program, China agrees the international community to step up efforts against nuclear proliferation. China advocates strengthening efforts for peace and dialogue with the escalating tension on the peninsula. An emphasis on preventing nuclear proliferation and promoting peace and dialogue should be strengthened at the same time. Through the "double strengthening", we hope to pull the Korean nuclear issue back to the track of peaceful resolution as soon as possible.

To resolve the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, China has already proposed a "dual-track approach" to promote denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and establish a peace mechanism in parallel. The "dual-track approach" will be advanced on the principle of synchronization and equality and seek package resolution to realize enduring peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula. As the first step, China has put forward the "suspension-for-suspension" proposal, namely the suspension of nuclear activities and missile launches by the DPRK and the suspension of large-scale joint military exercise targeting the DPRK by the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the US, so as to address the most pressing concerns of all parties and find a breakthrough to resume peace talks. The proposal is reasonable and fair, garnering understanding and support from more and more countries. We hope all parties give serious considerations to the proposal.

Wang Yi said that hopefully today's meeting will conduct full discussion and reach new consensus on how to strictly, comprehensively and fully implement DPRK-related UN Security Council resolutions, ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula as soon as possible and seek a peaceful resolution to the nuclear issue.

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