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Statement by Mr. Li Chunjie of the Chinese Delegation at the Thematic Discussion on Conventional Weapons at the First Committee of the 71th Session of the UNGA


Madame Chair,

China has always attached importance of various aspects caused by conventional weapons and been an active participant in the process of conventional arms control. China is of the view that legal mechanisms and frameworks should be constantly reinforced on the basis of balancing military security requirements and humanitarian concerns.

The Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) has played an irreplaceable role in addressing the humanitarian concerns caused by the abuse of conventional arms. As a High Contracting Party to the Convention and all its five Protocols, China has faithfully implemented its obligations under the Convention and its protocols, actively participated in international cooperation and worked to encourage countries not yet Parties to join the Convention and its Protocols.

China has actively been dedicated to international humanitarian de-mining assistance. Since 1998, China has provided humanitarian assistance worth 90 million RMB to more than 40 countries. During the UN Peacekeeping Summit in last September, President Xi Jinping declared that China would carry out 10 demining assistance programs in the coming five years. Currently, China is actively fulfilling its commitments by implementing relevant projects. The demining training course for Cambodia host by China is undergoing in Nanjing. China is also going to provide some relevant materials to Egypt and Laos this year.

In recent years, the humanitarian problems caused by Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWS) received growing attentions. China supports continued and in-depth discussion on the issue under the appropriate arms control framework, so that countries could gradually deepen understanding, reach consensus, to jointly address the challenges caused by LAWS.

Improvises Explosive Device (IED) has increasingly become a major tool for terrorist, extremist and criminal organizations to spread fear and cause chaos. China has been committed to exercising strict control over civil and military explosives and other dangerous chemicals that could be used to produce IEDs, supported and actively taken part in relevant international discussions.

Madame Chair,

At present, terrorism and extremism are evermore rampant, causing horrific turbulence, exacerbating humanitarian situation in some regions. Illicit trade in SALWs and certain countries' irresponsible transfer of SALW to non-state actors further aggravated the situation.

China believes that a holistic approach should be taken to address both the root causes and symptoms. Firstly, states should strengthen international cooperation with UN as the main channel,and with full and effective implementation of POA on SALW and International Tracing Document on SALW. Secondly, states should take the primary responsibility for eradication of illicit arms trade, adhere to the non-interference principle and resolve disputes through political and diplomatic means, maintain regional and international peace and security, so as to eradicate the root cause of terrorism and organized crimes, and create conditions for final resolution of SALW problem. Thirdly, prohibit the transfer of weapons to non-state actors, since it is the fundamental guarantee of nonproliferation of SALWs and maintaining regional and international peace and security. This guidance should be applied broadly by each state.

China supports international efforts to regulate international arms trade. China constructively participated in the negotiation of the Arms Trade Treaty, and participated in the Conferences of State Parties as observer. China will continuously make efforts to establish a just order for international arms trade and eradicate illicit arms transfers for the sake of maintaining regional and international peace and stability.

China attaches importance to transparency in armaments and is committed to enhancing mutual trust with other countries. In recent years, China has submitted relevant information and data to the UN Report on Military Expenditures and annual report to the UN Register of Conventional Arms. China actively participated in the work of the GGEs on the Register, dedicated to enhancing the Register's universality and effectiveness. China will continue its efforts in this regard.

Thank you, Madame Chair.

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