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Statement by Ambassador LIU Jieyi at the Security Council Debate on Syria


(Photo by Li Muzi, Xinhua News Agency)

I thank Special Envoy De Mistura for his briefing.

The clashes in the areas of Syria under discussion have recently escalated, resulting in heavy civilian casualties, and a United Nations humanitarian assistance convoy has been attacked. China is very concerned about this. We regret the fact that Syrian Government forces were hit by an airstrike and suffered casualties, and hope that all the parties concerned will improve their coordination and prevent such incidents from happening again.

The Syrian conflict has persisted for more than five years now. China is deeply sympathetic to the suffering of the Syrian people and believes that the situation cannot be allowed to continue. Right now, the priority is for all parties in Syria to work to effectively implement the Security Council resolutions on the Syrian issue. The international community should pursue the various avenues of a ceasefire, political negotiations, humanitarian assistance and joint efforts against terrorism in order to promote the possibility of finding a solution to the Syrian issue.

China hopes that the agreement reached between the Russian Federation and the United States regarding the cessation of hostilities among all Syrian parties will be effectively implemented so as to create opportunities to improve the situation on the ground. The international community should work in collaboration to urge all parties in Syria to effectively implement the agreement in order to resume the ceasefire.

The more complex the situation in Syria, the more important it is to uphold the general direction of political settlement, give full play to the United Nations in its role as the main channel of mediation, continue to support the efforts of Special Envoy De Mistura, relaunch the intra-Syrian talks as soon as possible, and press ahead on a Syrian-owned and -led political process so as to achieve arrangements that accommodate interests of various parties. Countries of the region should play a positive role in promoting a political settlement in Syria.

The humanitarian situation in Syria is becoming more and more precarious with each passing day. All parties in Syria must provide full humanitarian access and ensure that humanitarian supplies can be delivered in a timely and safe manner. The international community should continue to scale up its humanitarian assistance to Syria so as to alleviate the humanitarian situation on the ground, provide assistance to neighboring countries and help them in hosting refugees.

Counter-terrorism is a very important component of any solution to Syrian issue. The Syrian conflict has led to the rise and spread of terrorism. Unless we root it out, there will be no peace for the Syrian people and no security for regional countries. The international community should work with resolve to combat all terrorist forces designated by the Security Council, including the ISIL. In the process of international counter-terrorism cooperation, we must enhance intelligence-sharing, prevent and stop social media from spreading extremist ideology, and cut off the flow of terrorists and their channels of financing.

China has made unremitting efforts to promote a political settlement in Syria, and stepped up its efforts to urge all parties to end the conflict as soon as possible and achieve a comprehensive political solution. China stands ready to play a constructive role in promoting a full, just and appropriate settlement in Syria.

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