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Remarks by Ambassador Liu Jieyi at the Reception Marking the Inauguration of the "Zun of Peace"



Under-Secretary-General Mr. Yukio Takasu,

Ambassador Zhao Huimin, Director-General of Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government,



Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for joining us this evening.

Last September, Chinese President Xi Jinping presented the Zun of Peace to the United Nations on behalf of the Chinese Government and people. President Xi and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon honored the unveiling ceremony with important speeches. This marvelous piece of art embodies China’s firm and consistent support for this organization and best wishes for its future.

We are here to celebrate the Zun of Peace being placed on permanent display at the UN. My thanks go to the UN Arts Committee chaired by Under-Secretary-General Takasu for expediting the procedures. I also wish to thank the Beijing Municipal Government and the Beijing Art and Crafts Group for their fabulous work in the creation of this beautiful art. Let us give a big round of applause to Director-General Zhao Huimin and his team who are here with us this evening.

Zun goes way back in Chinese history. Over 3,000 years ago, the Chinese people started to make a bronze object named Zun to perform rituals and express reverence. This Zun of Peace is modeled after that ancient ceremonial vessel and made by 70 master craftsmen in over 10,000 work hours through more than a hundred cloisonné-making procedures. A special furnace was designed and built for the exclusive purpose of making this Zun of Peace.

Like all masterpieces of traditional Chinese art, this Zun of Peace features symbolism and carries profound messages of good will and aspirations. The cloisonné technique is a perfect example of exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and other civilizations. The “Chinese Red” gives the whole work a festive and noble touch. The dragons at the top and the elephants and phoenixes on the sides are all symbols of peace and auspiciousness in the Chinese culture. What makes this work truly special is the seven doves that symbolizes the 7 decades of UN's dedication to world peace.

I hope that the Zun of Peace will not only enrich the cultural environment of the UN, but also inspire people with the values shared by China, other members and the UN---a dedication to a better world.

When President Xi addressed the General Assembly last September, he called upon all member states to work together for peace, development, prosperity, fairness and justice in the world and to foster a new paradigm of international relations of win-win cooperation and a community of common destiny for all. China stays committed to these objectives. Let us join hands in this common endeavor.

May the Zun of Peace bear witness to a stronger UN and a better future for all.

Thank you.

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