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Spokesperson evaluates China's diplomacy in 2000 and envision China's diplomacy next year

Q: How do you evaluate this year's achievements of China's diplomacy? How do you envision China's diplomacy next year?

A: The year of 2000 is a critical year at the turn of the century. Remarkable achievements have been made in China's diplomacy this year. China vigorously promotes the just cause of peace and development of mankind in the world, and pushes for the establishment of a just and reasonable new international political and economic order, which has won the understanding and support of more and more countries in the world. The relations between China and other major powers continue to improve and develop; the good-neighborly and friendly cooperative relations between China and its neighboring countries have been further enriched, and the traditional friendship between China and the developing nations has been consolidated. China has taken an active part in promoting the multilateral diplomacy and safeguarded the national sovereignty on the world arena and promoted the national reunification.
The year of 2001 will be the first year of China's implementation of its Tenth Five-year Plan for the National Economic and Social Development. China's diplomacy will face new situations and tasks. We will continue to adhere to the independent foreign policy of peace and work to create more peaceful and stable international environment for our modernization drive. In the new century, China's diplomacy will make its due contribution, through greater diplomatic efforts, to the safeguard of the world peace and the promotion of common development.
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