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Spokesperson's comment on China's diplomacy in 1999

Q: How do you see China's diplomacy in 1999?

A: This year is coming to an end. During this past year, the Chinese Government has, in face of the complex and changing international situation, unswervingly pursued an independent foreign policy of peace and has played its role as a peaceful, cooperative and responsible major power by safeguarding peace, opposing hegemonism and power politics and promoting common development in the fundamental interest of the world people and the people of China.

First of all, we have resolutely safeguarded our national independence, sovereignty and dignity. The Chinese Government and people have reacted firmly and strongly to the bombing by the US-led NATO of Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia, demonstrating the strong will of the Chinese people to defend their sovereignty and national dignity. We have safeguarded our state sovereignty through an effective campaign against the "two-states theory" of Lee Denghui, dealing forceful blows to the independent forces of Taiwan.

Secondly, in international affairs, we have stood for and upheld justice, opposed hegemonism and maintained peace. China upheld, throughout the Kosovo war, the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, opposed the use of force by NATO, stood for political settlement of the conflicts on the basis of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the Kosovo people of all ethnic groups. China's position attracted attention of the international community and played a constructive role in finding a political settlement to the Kosovo question.

Thirdly, China has taken an active part in multilateral diplomacy and worked vigorously for the establishment of a new international economic and political order.

Fourthly, China has upheld the Five Principles of Peace and Co-existence and further developed its friendly relations and cooperation with countries in the world. Our solidarity and cooperation with developing nations continues to grow, good-neighborly partnership of mutual trust with our surrounding countries has constantly deepened, a relatively stable framework of relations with major powers in the world has been maintained, and our ties with developed nations have witnessed steady improvement and development.

Fifthly, a few days ago, Macao was successful returned, another important milestone since the return of Hong Kong on our road to the great cause of the reunification of our motherland. It is also another major event in our country's diplomacy this year. Guided by the principles of "one country, two systems", "Macao people administering the affairs of Macao", and a high degree of autonomy, Macao will surely have a brighter future.

As the new century dawns, China's diplomacy will undoubtedly see greater progress.
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