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Statement by Ambassador LIU Jieyi at the Security Council after Voting on the Draft Resolution on the Fifth Nuclear Test of the DPRK


On 9 September 2016, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) conducted once again a nuclear test, in disregard of widespread opposition from the international community. The Government of China is firmly opposed to that. The Security Council resolution adopted today reflects the international community’s united position against the development of nuclear and missile programs by the DPRK and in support of the international nuclear non-proliferation regime. The resolution reaffirms the importance of maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in North-East Asia at large, expresses its commitment to a peaceful, diplomatic and political solution of the situation, supports the resumption of the Six-Party Talks and the commitments set forth in the Joint Statement of 19 September 2005, and emphasizes the importance of working to reduce tensions in the Korean Peninsula and beyond for all parties concerned. As the resolution reaffirms, the relevant measures are not intended to have adverse humanitarian and livelihood consequences for the civilian population of the DPRK or to affect negatively normal economic and trade activities. China urges all parties concerned to fully and earnestly implement relevant provisions of the Security Council resolutions.

Since the beginning of the year, the DPRK has conducted two nuclear tests and multiple ballistic missile launches. On the other hand, certain parties have continued to strengthen their military deployments, increase their military presence and scale up military exercises. The confrontation on the Korean Peninsula has intensified, and the situation on the Peninsula has plunged into a vicious circle. This must be changed as soon as possible.

As a near neighbor of the Korean Peninsula, China stands for denuclearization on the Peninsula, peace and stability of the Peninsula and settlement of the issue through dialogue and consultation, and opposes turbulence and war on the Korean Peninsula. China opposes the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-ballistic missile system on the Peninsula. Its deployment will severely undermine the strategic security interests of regional countries including China and disrupt regional strategic balance. It will in no way help realize denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and maintain peace and stability on the Peninsula. China urges the parties concerned to immediately stop relevant deployment process.

The current situation on the Korean Peninsula is sensitive, complex and dire. All parties should keep their eyes on the overall picture, meet each other halfway and refrain from any rhetoric or action that might aggravate tensions. The top priority for the parties concerned is to resume dialogue and negotiations and resume the Six-Party Talks as soon as possible in order to work together in a genuine effort to advance the denuclearization process and achieve peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. China urges the parties concerned to pursue in dual tracks the negotiations on denuclearization and the replacement of the Korean armistice with a peace treaty. China will continue to advance dialogue and consultation with a view to solving the problems related to the Korean Peninsula within the framework of the Six-Party Talks and play a positive and constructive role in achieving enduring peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula at an early date.

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